[Reminder - 18 Oct Deadline] Arctic Observing Summit 2020 Call for Community Input: White Papers and Short Statements

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[Reminder - 18 Oct Deadline] Arctic Observing Summit 2020 Call for Community Input: White Papers and Short Statements

Allen Pope

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Arctic Observing Summit 2020

Call for Community Input

White Papers and Short Statements


The Executive Organizing Committee for the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) 2020 is seeking community input in the form of white paper and short statements on the topics under discussion at the Summit.

The 5th biennial AOS will be held in 31 March-2 April 2020 in Akureyri, Iceland as part of Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2020. The overarching theme of the 2020 Summit is Observing for Action.

Community input and perspectives are invited in the form of white papers and short statements for AOS 2020. Community input can serve to highlight important data, management, or logistical needs or gaps, explore emerging opportunities, address a current challenge, present new initiatives, or technology that can contribute to Arctic observing (including global programs), or review on-going observing activities or issues that are relevant for the development, application, operation, or support of a sustained Arctic observing network. Community input (white papers/short statements) should link to the themes identified for AOS 2020. However, other input on important and relevant topics related to AOS are welcome also under the category of “OTHER: Other high-priority issues for Arctic observing.”

These statements will be used to help guide discussions during the AOS Thematic Working Group sessions. Authors may be invited to give presentations during AOS 2020, and a synthesis of white paper issues will inform recommendations and action items adopted at the Summit and conveyed to Arctic Council Working Groups and other local, national, and international bodies overseeing, supporting, or carrying out sustained Arctic observations.

Based on recommendations and priorities identified during the 2018 Summit, AOS 2020 will be structured along the following sub-themes:

  • Sub-Theme 1: Design, Optimization, and Implementation of the Observing System;
  • Sub-Theme 2: Observing in Support of Adaptation and Mitigation;
  • Sub-Theme 3: Observing in Support of Indigenous Food Security and Related Needs;
  • Sub-Theme 4: Data Interoperability and Federated Search;
  • Sub-Theme 5: Arctic Observations in the Context of Global Observing Initiatives; and
  • Sub-Theme 6: Arctic Observing in Support of Global Actions.


Deadline for submitting input: 18 October 2019
For more information and to submit a white paper or short statement,
go to the submission webpage.

For questions, contact:
Ravi Darwin Sankar | [hidden email]
Maribeth Murray | [hidden email]


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