Reminder: AGU session on Mountain Cryosphere

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Reminder: AGU session on Mountain Cryosphere

Alfonso Fernández-2
Dear colleagues,

Just a friendly and last reminder of our session. Remember that the deadline is tomorrow August 2nd @11:59PM-ET.

Invited speakers:

Dr. Mauri Pelto
Dr. Robert McNabb

We invite all colleagues who work on topics related to the mountain cryosphere to submit abstracts to our session

Session ID#: 25679

Session Description:
The mountain cryosphere is constituted by transient hydrologic reservoirs (snowpack, permafrost, glaciers, etc.) that both document and respond to climate fluctuations. As changes in the mountain cryosphere accelerate and, for the first time in Earth history, are propelled by human activity, impacts emerge. These changes have transformed the field into one that covers a wide range of topics, including geochemistry, ecology, hazards, hydrology, and water resources. In particular, acknowledgment of glaciers as fundamental socio-ecological components of coupled human and natural systems brings new methodological challenges, where inter/transdisciplinary endeavors are necessary. There are also new opportunities for innovations to better observe and model the changes underway using drones, embedded sensors, and hydrogeochemistry, among others. In this session, we invite contributions that innovatively study changes in the mountain cryosphere, including their socio-ecological dimensions. We welcome contributions from both field-based as well as modeling studies introducing new perspectives in this evolving field.

Primary Convener:  
Alfonso Fernandez, University of Concepcion, Geography

Bryan G Mark, Ohio State University 
Oliver Wigmore, University of Colorado Boulder

A - Atmospheric Sciences
GC - Global Environmental Change
H - Hydrology
SI - Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences

Index Terms:
0736 Snow [CRYOSPHERE] 
0738 Ice [CRYOSPHERE] 
0799 General or miscellaneous [CRYOSPHERE] 
1621 Cryospheric change [GLOBAL CHANGE]

Alfonso Fernández

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