Reminder: Apply by Friday for Arctic Data Science training

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Reminder: Apply by Friday for Arctic Data Science training

Vanessa Raymond-2
Application deadline: Friday 3/30/2018
Visit to learn more and apply.

Join the Arctic Data Center in Santa Barbara, CA for the 2018 Data Science Training for Arctic ResearchThis 5-day workshop will provide Arctic researchers [of any field or discipline!] with an overview of best practices in data management, training in data science tools, and concrete steps and methods for documenting and uploading data (and metadata!) to NSF's Arctic Data Center. 

Arctic Data Center
2018 Data Science Training for Arctic Research
August 13 – 17, 2018
Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: [hidden email]

About us:

The Arctic Data Center is a data archive and portal for data discovery which provides users with tools for data and metadata submission. These tools include the ability to share data provenance and metadata quality checks. We assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to each published data set.

In addition to data storage, the Arctic Data Center also provides support services to the Arctic research community by providing trainings in data science and management, both of which are critical skills for stewardship of data and other research products preserved at the Arctic Data Center.

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