Reminder: IUGG 2011 Symposium on Morphology of Snow and Ice on the Ground and in the Atmosphere

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Reminder: IUGG 2011 Symposium on Morphology of Snow and Ice on the Ground and in the Atmosphere

Henning Loewe
Dear colleagues,

we'd like to remind you of the symposium

     "Morphology of Snow and Ice on the Ground and in the Atmosphere"

which is sponsored by the International Association of Cryospheric
Sciences (IACS) and the International Association of Meteorology and
Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) on the upcoming XXV IUGG General Assembly,
28 June - 7 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia,

Session details can be found below, our keynote speakers will cover a
broad range of crystal densities, including

* Joseph Ulanowski, University of Hertfordshire (Atmospheric ice)

* Frederic Flin, Meteo-France (Snow)

* Johannes Freitag, AWI Bremerhaven (Firn)

Abstracts can be submitted via,
  submission deadline is tomorrow,

     Tuesday 01 February 2011

Henning, Ilka, Johanna

*****  Session details: *******

Henning Loewe, Ilka Weikusat (IACS), and Johanna Spiegel (IAMAS)

Session description:
Scope: Ice as the most abundant mineral on the Earth's surface plays a
crucial role in our climate system. The physics of snow and ice, which
is essential to quantify various aspects of the cryosphere reliably on
seasonal or climatological time scales, is ultimately determined by ice
crystal morphology.  The  shape and size distributions usually undergo
drastic changes during different stages of the typical lifetime of  ice
crystals: growth in the atmosphere, deposition on land or sea and the
subsequent evolution in snow cover, firn, glacier or sea ice.
Deformation and recrystallization mechanisms in polycrystalline ice on
the ground cause further changes in morphology and microstructure of
ice. At any stage the underlying crystal structure and in particular its
variability determine many physical properties of clouds, snowpacks and
ice cores. Thereby, one stage of crystal evolution will serve as the
initial condition for the next stage which leads to questions like: How
long will inherited, morphological characteristics survive? What are the
common aspects of methods which investigate crystal morphologies on the
ground and in the atmosphere? This symposium aims to cross the
boundaries between atmosphere and ground by focusing on common,
underlying questions of structural properties of natural ice crystals.
We invite experimental and theoretical contributions which focus on
morphological aspects of ice crystals, their variability, experimental
methods to determine them, and the their dynamic evolution under the
influence of dominant physical mechanisms.

Henning Loewe
WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF
Team Snowphysics
Flueelastr. 11
7260 Davos Dorf
fon: +41 81 41 70 154
fax: +41 81 41 70 110
txt: [hidden email]
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