Reminder: Polar Heatflow session at EGU 2011

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Reminder: Polar Heatflow session at EGU 2011

Vaughan, Alan P.M.
Apologies for multiple/cross-postings, but we would like to remind you of the following session at EGU 2011 in Vienna and invite you to submit an abstract:

GD1.4 Polar Heatflow: geology, ice sheets and climate

Convener: Alan Vaughan

Co-Conveners: Richard C.A. Hindmarsh, Fausto Ferraccioli, Larry Lawver


Heatflow in the Polar Regions is poorly known and there is an urgent need to improve understanding of its rates and distribution. It can provide information about large-scale crustal structure and geological processes, ice sheet stability and response to climate change, distribution of basal ice melting, the development of sub-ice hydrology, subglacial lakes, and enhanced glacial flow in ice streams, areas likely to preserve old ice suitable for coring to push ice core records back in time, and stability of methane hydrates. Thermal gradient measurements can provide climatic information. This session proposal seeks to invite submissions on direct measurement and indirect estimates of heatflow in the Polar Regions.

3 December 2010 is the closing date for applications for support.

The deadline for abstract submission is 10 January 2011 at 23.59 CET, with details at:

You can browse through all the Sessions at:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Dr. Alan P.M. Vaughan
Workpackage Manager Continental Interiors
(Earth Sciences editor - Antarctic Science)
Environmental Change and Evolution
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross
Madingley Rd.
Cambridge CB3 0ET

Tel. -44-1223-221419
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