Remote Sensing of Seasonal Snow

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Remote Sensing of Seasonal Snow

McKenzie Skiles
Dear Colleagues,

I know you were waiting for another AGU session announcement with bated breath, so here it is! If your research involves remote sensing of seasonal snow, we invite you to submit an abstract to the aptly named 'Remote Sensing of Seasonal Snow' session, the description of which can be found below.
If you just can't wait, here is the link:

We are excited to welcome Manuela Girotto (NASA/GSFC) and Simon Gascoin (CRNS/CESBIO) as our invited speakers. 

Session Description:
Over a billion people globally depend on snowmelt runoff to meet water demands, predominantly from snow that accumulates annually in mid-latitude mountains. Decades of observations show this natural reservoir is at risk; snow water equivalent and snow extent are declining; even as growing populations rely more on snow water resources and the vast infrastructural networks that have been set up to store and transport runoff. This session will focus on monitoring seasonal snow and snow water resources from spaceborne and airborne (manned and unmanned aircraft) platforms. Presentations will address a range of topics including instrument and platform development, targeted campaigns, new and historical observations, analysis methods and techniques, multi-sensor combinations, scientific and operational applications, model integration and validation, and results from recent campaigns. We welcome submissions from a diversity of sensor types and measurement methods (e.g. radar, lidar, imaging spectroscopy, photogrammetry) and applications.
Cheers from the conveners,
McKenzie Skiles, Kat Bormann, Andrew Hedrick, and Oliver Wigmore

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