Request for Community Input - DRAFT IDPO 2012 Long Range Science Plan

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Request for Community Input - DRAFT IDPO 2012 Long Range Science Plan

Joseph Souney Jr.
Request for Community Input - DRAFT 2012 Long Range Science Plan
Ice Drilling Program Office - U.S. Ice Drilling Program

Dear Ice Drilling and Ice Coring Colleagues,

It is that time of year again when we solicit the ice coring and drilling community for input and comments on the Long Range Science Plan. The draft 2012 Long Range Science Plan has been updated to reflect the outcomes from the 2012 Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting. This document is meant to be the forward planning path for our sciences.

** Please take the time to review the working draft and send any additional input to [hidden email] by June 8; IDPO will coordinate review of the input by the SAB for incorporation into the final document. **

As usual, this Plan will be revisited and revised as appropriate each spring.

To download the working draft, please visit:

We thank you in advance for your input.


Ice Drilling Program Office
Mary Albert - Executive Director
Mark Twickler - Director of Communications

Ice Drilling Design and Operations
Charles Bentley - Principal Investigator
Don Lebar - Program Director
Alex Shturmakov - Engineering and Research Director
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