Request for input on airborne geophysics in Greenland, 2013

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Request for input on airborne geophysics in Greenland, 2013
Friends, we would like to solicit your input and advice on the airborne and
surface-based survey areas in Greenland for the 2013 field season.

The platform for the spring 2013 airborne mission will be Kenn Borek's Twin
Otter ("CKB"), on which the CRESIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets)
 MCoRDS Radar, Accumulation Radar, Snow and Ku-band Radars will be installed.  

Our plan is to conduct detailed surveys over the catchment areas
of Humboldt and Petermann glaciers.  However, in light of extensive
measurements already conducted as a part of the OIB mission, it might be a good idea
to evaluate alternate sites to fill gaps in existing data sets because of
limited flight hours and clutter issues.

- some possibilities are targeted flights over regions of anomalous internal layering features.
- other possibilities are the NE Greenland Ice Stream (a region of hypothesized high heat flow).

There are limited flight hours remaining on the Twin Otter's wings (possibly fewer than 170 hours).
We are planning for 100 hours of flying, though more or fewer may occur depending on field logistics.

During the 2013 field season, we plan to collect surface-based data using
active seismics and surface-based radar in the same area as the airborne work.

We are open to suggestions from you about other areas of scientific interest in Greenland.

If you have an interest in particular sites, please provide us with your thoughts on study location and justification within the next week or 10 days.


Sridhar Anandakrishnan ([hidden email])
Leigh Stearns ([hidden email])
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