Requesting in-situ measurements for model validation

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Requesting in-situ measurements for model validation

Divyesh Varade

Dear All,


I am working on a model for the estimation of snow liquid water content using sentinel-2A observations. I have with me one dataset of in-situ measurements in the Himalayas for Dhundi, Himachal Pradesh, India which was collected in February 2017. The results show good agreement with the available in-situ data. However, the number of samples available from this dataset are only 12. To validate the model, I require additional in-situ measurements of snow liquid water content and snow density, preferably of alpine regions.


If anyone could provide such data, I would be really grateful.



Doktorand M.Sc.-Ing. Divyesh M. Varade

O/o Prof. Onkar Dikshit

WLE-303A, Geoinformatics,

Department of Civil Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,

Kalyanpur, Kanpur-208016, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ph: +91-512-256-6417

Mob: +919651854411

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