Research Associate (PostDoc) in Cryo Microbiology

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Research Associate (PostDoc) in Cryo Microbiology

Liane G. Benning GFZ

Dear colleagues;

We are looking for a new colleague to complement our microbiological and microbe-mineral-interface team in the “Interface-Geochemistry” group led by Liane G. Benning.

Research Associate (PostDoc)in Cryo-Microbiology (m/f)

Job Vacancy No. 0610

The holder of this positionwillprimarily address microbiological / biochemical processes in cold settingsvia experimental approaches but also with the possibility of field work in Polar environments. 


Your responsibilities:


·       conduct original research on microbial processes that control carbon / nutrient cycling in cold terrestrial environments with focus on microbial processes 

·       characterize and quantify laboratory (and some field) based cryophile algae-mineral-fluid interface reactions with special applications to stress adaptation of biomolecules in snow and ice microbes 

·       design and perform stress and adaptation / response experiments with cryophile algae 

·       assess genomic and biochemical changes using ‘omics’, imaging and / or spectroscopic approaches 

·       publish in international peer-reviewed journals; present research results at scientific meetings 

·       lead and/or considerably contribute to writing proposals for third party funding opportunities 

·       help co-supervise Masters and PhD students 


Your qualifications:(essential in bold, all other are desirable)


·       MSc and PhD in geobiology, molecular microbiology, biogeochemistry, geoecology or equivalent 

·       specialized knowledge in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics 

·       experience in experimental manipulations and complex biological and biochemical process analyses (e.g., omicsbiological microscopy/ or micro-spectroscopy

·       polar field work is a part of the project, so willingness / experience in outdoor activities is a bonus 

·       experience in working at the interface between microbiology and geochemistry 

·       capacity for interdisciplinary and international teamwork and excellent communication skills 

·       documentable excellent publication and 3rd party funding records

·       proficiency in spoken and written English, German is an asset 

Starting Date: May 15th, 2018

Fixed Term: 3 years (with possibility of extension)

Your application must be in English and include the following components all assembled together into a single PDF file of less than 3 MB in size: 

(a) a maximum 2-page research statement

(b) full CV

(c) your publication list

(d) the names of 3 independent referees 

Please submit your application by April 20th, 2018 via the link provided on the following webpage

Best regards,


Prof. Liane G. Benning
GFZ, German Research Center for Geosciences
Interface Geochemistry Group 4.4
14473 Potsdam
Tel: +49-331-288 28 970
<a href="applewebdata://4B9F9439-30DA-4750-BA6D-5C0894C48613/">benning@...
Twitter: lianegbenning

"Cognito ergo sum” René Descatres 1596-1650

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