Research Fellowships - closing 1st July.

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Research Fellowships - closing 1st July.

Nicholas Golledge
The New Zealand Antarctic Science Platform is seeking applications for 4 new 3-year Research Fellowships in diverse areas of numerical modelling. 

The purpose of the Antarctic Science Platform is to conduct excellent science to understand Antarctica’s impact on the global earth system, and how this might change in a +2°C (Paris agreement) world.

The roles

These positions represent an exciting opportunity in four priority cross-platform research areas:

  • Regional climate modeller
  • Process-scale ice shelf cavity modeller
  • Biogeochemical modeller
  • Data scientist or statistical modeller

These positions are for a three-year term, hosted by New Zealand based research institutions. Research Fellows will be co-located in a new modelling hub at Victoria University of Wellington. Each fellowship includes additional funding for research support and career development.

Further Details

For more information, please visit the Antarctica New Zealand careers site 

Information on each role is available via a direct link here

Enquiries may be made at any time to Assoc. Prof. Nick Golledge ([hidden email])

How to Apply

Applications close on Monday 1 July 2019. To be considered candidates must submit their application using the templates provided on the Antarctica New Zealand careers site:

Nick Golledge
Associate Professor

Antarctic Research Centre,
Victoria University of Wellington
+ GNS Science, Lower Hutt

VUW: +64 (4) 463 9592 | GNS: +64 (4) 570 1444
tw: @nick_golledge

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