Research Scientist position (permanent) - Sea ice geophysics - at Norwegian Polar Institute

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Research Scientist position (permanent) - Sea ice geophysics - at Norwegian Polar Institute

Mats Granskog


A position is open for a permanent research scientist in sea ice geophysics, with focus on numerical modeling and data analysis, at the Norwegian Polar Institute, located in Tromsø, northern Norway. Deadline for applications is 30 Oct 2017. Note that this is an extension to a job announced in May this year.


The successful candidate must hold a completed PhD in sea ice research, geophysics, mathematics, oceanography, or another relevant field. We require a researcher with a strong scientific understanding of Arctic sea ice processes, especially mass and surface energy balance and experience with analysis of corresponding observational data. Experience with 1D thermodynamic sea ice models, regional ice-ocean modeling, sea ice process modeling, and time series analysis is required, and proven numerical skills are essential.


Full announcement and to apply (applications to be submitted electronically) see;


Please circulate to potential candidates.



Mats Granskog



Mats Granskog, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

Norwegian Polar Institute

FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment

Hjalmar Johansens gate 14

PO Box 6606 Langnes

N-9296 Tromsø


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