SAVE THE DATE: 4th Polar Prediction Workshop scheduled for 27-29 March 2017

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SAVE THE DATE: 4th Polar Prediction Workshop scheduled for 27-29 March 2017

Betsy Turner-Bogren
SAVE THE DATE: 27-29 March 2017
4th Polar Prediction Workshop

Jointly organized by the Polar Climate Predictability Initiative
(WCRP-PCPI;, the Polar
Prediction Project (WWRP-PPP;, and the
Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN;, the
workshop will be hosted by the International Coordination Office for
Polar Prediction at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany.

The workshop will build on a series of international workshops held in
Boulder, USA (2014), Reading, UK (2015) and Palisades, USA (2016). As in
previous years, the focus will be on environmental prediction in the
polar regions on a wide range of timescales, thereby helping to build a
"seamless" polar prediction community. Sea ice will again play a central
role, with one desired outcome being the compilation of recommendations
for the 2017 Sea Ice Outlook season. However, the workshop also aims to
stimulate discussion on other interesting predictands of the polar
weather and climate system.

Details will be announced in due course.

Workshop Organizers
Cecilia Bitz, Helge Gosling, Kirstin Werner,
Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, Ed Hawkins, and John Fyfe

Betsy Turner-Bogren
Project Manager
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS)
3535 College Road Suite 101
Fairbanks, AK 99709-3710
Phone: 907/474-1600
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