SCAR INSTANT kick-off workshop February 15-17th

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SCAR INSTANT kick-off workshop February 15-17th

Colleoni, Florence

Dear Antarctic and Polar research colleagues,

RE: Invitation to participate in the kick-off workshop for the SCAR INSTANT Programme - INStabilities  & Thresholds in ANTarctica: The Antarctic contribution to global sea-level

Tim and I are proud and excited to announce  “INSTANT”, a new SCAR scientific programme recently approved. INSTANT will officially start  in January. Here you can download the science and implementation plan and have a look at video of INSTANT presentation during the SCAR Online conference last summer: (min from 29:33 to 53:03)

The aim of the SRP is to “quantify the Antarctic ice sheet contribution to past and future global sea-level change, from improved understanding of climate, ocean and solid Earth interactions and feedbacks with the ice, so that decision-makers can better anticipate and assess the risk in order to manage and adapt to sea-level rise and evaluate mitigation pathways.

This programme also partners with SCAR-WCRP ISMASS Project, WRCP-CLIC core activities, WCRP-CLIVAR core activities, PALSEA, and PMIP.

****To follow INSTANT activities: please register to the following mailing list:****

The member list on the SCAR INSTANT website, which began as the members of the Programme Planning Group, is being updated all the time, and new members are welcomed.

****The INSTANT kick-off workshop: will take place online on February 15-16-17th.****

At this establishment workshop we will develop the detailed work plan for the Programme, Themes and subcommittees as well as identify committee members and leaders. 

Registration is open (no fee) and it would greatly help us if you could register not too late so we can estimate the number of participants.

****To facilitate the kick-off discussions, we solicit your inputs from now and no later than January 15th to submit online potential ideas of sub-committees on the INSTANT kick-off webpage:

More info & registration:

For sub-committees ideas, we require basic information: 

  • leader, co-leader  (we encourage one of the two to be an early career scientist)

  • Main related INSTANT Theme (or across several themes) 

  • Sub-committee title 

  • Short description of the objectives (max 4000 char.) 

  • How this can support INSTANT main theme(s) (max 4000 char).

We will be reaching out soon to ask some of the members to help organise the workshop. If you would like to be involved in the pre-workshop organisation please register on the INSTANT mailing list and let Tim ([hidden email]) or I ([hidden email]) know, and read the Science and Implementation plan.

More instructions for the workshop will come in early January, but save the dates!

Stay all safe in this particular period 

Tim and I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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