SCAR OSC: Linking Antarctic science and cultural arts

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SCAR OSC: Linking Antarctic science and cultural arts

Cooper, Alan
Dear Antarctic colleague

We draw your attention to participating in two events linking Antarctic science and cultural arts, to take place at the SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC) in Portand, Oregon on July 16-19.

1.  A session for scientists at the OSC on "Antarctic Communication and the Arts" (see the session details at "" (session 41)).  The abstract deadline is February 15, 2012.

2.  A series of cultural arts events for the general public in which Antarctic researchers use their Arts skills (narrative, photography, film, music, art, dance, comedy, etc) to convey their science messages to the public. (see the 2nd announcement at:  Please express interest by February 15, as noted in the 2nd announcement.

We encourage you to participate in these initiatives, to creatively design and promote new  techniques for making our science messages more understandable and relevant to audiences.

Best regards,
Alan K. Cooper, David Walton and Julianne Stafford

ps. our apology for any cross postings and to those who have already submitted
      abstracts and have agreed to cultural arts presentations.

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