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SCAR-OSC- Technologies for glacial ecosystems

Dr JL Wadham,
	School of Geographical Sciences
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the session #29
ECOSYSTEMS" at the next SCAR Open Science Conference to be held in Portland
(USA), 16-19 July, 2012 (

Abstract submission deadline = 15 February 2012. Abstracts (max 2500
characters) can be submitted at:

Understanding biogeochemical processes within glacial aquatic ecosystems
features highly on the International Scientific Agenda (e.g. Antarctic
Subglacial Lakes and ice stream beds). However, there is currently a
mismatch between the science goals for environmentally responsible
measurement and monitoring in these environments and the technological
tools available to meet these objectives. This session aims to explore the
issues that arise when considering the development or adaptation of
instruments for process measurement in any glacial aquatic environment (to
include subglacial ecosystems), and to bring together the diverse
communities that have common or overlapping needs within this context. This
might include those working on technological development and application in
non-Antarctic icy environments. Examples of issues to be addressed include:
(i) sample acquisition and processing, including environmental protocols
(ii) specific instrumentation for environment access and monitoring (e.g.
sensors, observatories, autonomous platforms and ROVs) and (iii) analytical
targets including biomarkers, biogeochemical markers and contextual

Note for students: The first 200 students who submit an abstract for the
Open Science Conference will pay no registration fee. More info:

Best regards,

Jemma Wadham, University of Bristol, UK ([hidden email]) - convener
Peter Doran, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA ([hidden email]) -
Warwick Vincent, Université Laval, Canada([hidden email]) -

Dr Jemma Wadham
Reader in Physical Geography
Bristol Glaciology Centre
School of Geographical Sciences
University Road
Email:[hidden email]
Tel: +44(0)117 331 4158
Fax: +44(0)117 928 7878
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