SETSM DEM processing software open source release

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SETSM DEM processing software open source release

We are pleased to announce the open source release of Surface Extraction from TIN-based Searchspace Minimization (SETSM) software.

SETSM provides fully-automated, user-friendly stereoscopic Digital Elevation Model and Orthoimage generation from high resolution satellite imagery. Currently, imagery from DigitalGlobe (e.g. Quickbird, GeoEye, Worldview) and CNES Pleiades are supported.

SETSM is built for High Performance Computing (HPC) environments and has been implemented on several HPC systems available to the U.S. science community, including NSF XSEDE (Gordon and Comet), NASA Pleiades and NCSA Blue Waters, using gnu, Intel and Cray compilers.

SETSM was developed with grants from the NASA ACCESS and NSF Polar Cyber-Infrastructure programs. It is the DEM generator for the ArcticDEM  (

SETSM is authored by Dr. MJ Noh of the Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center at Ohio State University and has been optimized in collaboration with Dr. Judith Gardiner and staff of the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

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