SIOS Survey and Workshop: Assessing impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Svalbard science community

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SIOS Survey and Workshop: Assessing impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Svalbard science community

Anna Maria Trofaier

Dear Cryolist members (especially Arctic/Svalbard science community)


Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) Knowledge Centre and its Remote Sensing Working group (RSWG) have organised a survey to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the Svalbard science community. This survey will be used to make a strategy for the upcoming (2021) field season in Svalbard.


We encourage all those who are associated with Svalbard science community including researchers/scientists, research management staff, logistics operators, academicians including students (PhD/Masters/Bachelors), and research station/facility/infrastructure staff, to respond to this survey.


You can find more information and survey link here:


It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete this survey. The survey will be closed on 7 January 2021.


How will we use the data and disseminate results from this survey? How will you get benefitted from this survey?


(1) SIOS will host a dedicated online workshop ‘SIOS responses to COVID-19 and the new normal - adapting our strategy for the future’ on 13 January 2020 (09:30 Am to 12:00 Pm CET) as a part of its annual Polar Night Week (PNW) event (11-15 January 2020). More information is available here: Registration to PNW is open: Your inputs to this survey will help us to shape and formulate the programme of this workshop. Preliminary results of this survey will be discussed during the workshop. We encourage all the participants of this survey to attend this workshop.


(2) Since the pandemic is still ongoing, your response will be used to develop new services and strengthen existing services at SIOS-KC to support your fieldwork activities during 2021.


(3) Finally, responses from this survey and the PNW workshop will be analysed by SIOS-KC, RSWG and authors from the Svalbard science community. We may produce a manuscript based on the response from the community to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. If we do so, all the responses will be used anonymously without revealing the personal identity of anyone responding to this survey. If you are willing to analyse resulting data and provide inputs to the planned manuscript as an author, please respond to all questions of the survey and do not forget to mention your name and email id on the question 1 and 2.


I look forward to your response to this survey and attendance in the workshop on 13th January 2021!


Kind Regards,




Shridhar D. Jawak, PhD

Remote Sensing Officer



Phone: +47 7902 6413

[hidden email]


SIOS Knowledge Centre

Postboks 156, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway

Visiting address: Svalbard Science Centre, Longyearbyen



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