SVALI phd course/workshop: Radar data and ice flow processes

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SVALI phd course/workshop: Radar data and ice flow processes

Christine Hvidberg
Dear Cryolisters:
I would like to draw your attention to the SVALI Phd course/workshop
held 12-16 March 2012 at Center for Ice and Climate, University of
Copenhagen, Denmark:

Applications of radar data from ice sheets to understand ice flow processes.

The aim of this phd course/workshop is to discuss radar data and how
they can be interpreted to inform about ice processes.
The format will be a mixture between invited lectures, moderated
discussions, and presentations by the participants.

Phd students, postdocs, and scientists interested in radar data and
interpretations are welcome to attend. Participants are encouraged to
present their work, and there will be time for discussions.

Credits for Phd students: 2.5 ECTS (attending), addtional 2.5 ECTS (if
there is a presentation).

Registration deadline: 13 February 2012. Contact: Christine Hvidberg
[hidden email].

See full announcement at the SVALI homepage:

Christine Hvidberg

Organizers: Christine Hvidberg and Nanna B. Karlsson, Center for Ice and
Climate, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

SVALI - Stability and Variation of Arctic Land Ice - is a Nordic Centre
of Excellence. SVALI is based on multi-disciplinary and cross-national
science collaboration. Integration of observations, process studies and
modelling is the backbone of the Center.
Christine Schott Hvidberg
Associate Professor

Center for Ice and Climate
Niels Bohr Institute
University of Copenhagen
Juliane Maries 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Fax: +45-35 32 06 21
Phone: +45-35 32 05 63
Email: [hidden email]
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