SYMPOSIUM: The mountain cryosphere (20 JAN 2012, Zurich)

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SYMPOSIUM: The mountain cryosphere (20 JAN 2012, Zurich)

Stephan Gruber
SYMPOSIUM: The mountain cryosphere – a holistic view on processes and their interactions

University Zurich Irchel, Switzerland
20 January 2012
Room Y15-G-20

Flyer: <>

This international symposium brings together leading specialists of
mountain cryosphere research giving a state of the art overview of
recent findings and research strategies for the next decades. This
includes glaciers and permafrost as well as combined hazard
analyses. The results of this symposium will be published in a
special issue of the journal Geografiska Annaler.


09:00–09:30: Johannes Oerlemans (Utrecht University)
The response of glaciers to climate change: basic concepts
from simple modeling

09:30–10:00: Antoni Lewkowicz (University of Ottawa)
Spatial and thermal characteristics of mountain permafrost without
a lower elevational limit, Yukon, Canada

10:00–10:30: Sarah Springman (ETHZ)
Multidisciplinary investigations on three rock glaciers in the
Swiss Alps: legacies and future perspectives

11:00–11:30 Dietmar Wagenbach (University of Heidelberg)
Cold, Alpine ice bodies revisited: What may we learn from
their impurity and isotope content?

11:30–12:00: Philip Deline (Université de Savoie)
The geomorphic evolution of the Mont Blanc massif:
some responses, many questions

12:00 –12:30: Per Holmlund (Stockholm University)
The influence of thermal structure of glaciers on their
response to climate change

13:45–14:05: Holger Frey (University of Zurich)
Assessing the state of Himalayan glaciers using remote
sensing and digital elevation data

14:05–14:25: Demian Schneider (University of Zurich)
Rapid mass movements in glacierized high-mountains:
from rotating drum experiments to nature

14:25–14:45: Andreas Hasler (University of Zurich)
Driving processes of deformations in steep bedrock
permafrost: two hypotheses and their implications

14:45–15:00: Wilfried Haeberli (University of Zurich)
Holistic views on ice, rock and water of high mountains -
some challenges and research perspectives


16:45–19:00: Farewell celebration for Wilfried Haeberli
Room Y24-G-45 | followed by an «Apéro ice riche» in the
main hall of University Irchel

Swiss Snow, Ice and Permafrost Society

Swiss Geomorphological Society

Swiss National Science Foundation

STEPHAN GRUBER ([hidden email])

Glaciology, Geomorphodynamics & Geochronology
Department of Geography, University of Zurich
Winterthurerstr. 190, CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland
phone: +41-44-635 51 46

The Cryosphere

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