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Guglielmin Mauro

Please forward this session advertisment

Dear colleagues,

The abstract deadline for SCAR-IASC
Polar 2018 (19-23 Jun, Davos) is approaching fast and is just around the corner (Nov 1) so we would like to encourage you to submit to our session on “Permafrost landforms in the two Poles as possible Mars analogue.”

Session  number CR-2 (within category C – Cryosphere) is focalized on permafrost landforms in the two poles.

Session Description

The session focuses on permafrost landforms and related geomorphic and weathering processes on  the two Poles.  Permafrost landforms but also their geomorphic processes and in some cases the weathering processes can be considered the best analogue of Mars. The session wants to encourage the comparison between similar permafrost landforms in the two Poles and within the different climatic areas of each Pole (i.e. Maritime Antarctica and  Continental Antarctica) and the possible comparison with the Martian analogue. The session wants also to include the comparison between the different weathering processes and rates in different permafrost environments in the two Poles (rock weathering and  cryosoils) and their possible interactions with living organisms and ecosystems.  Transdisciplinary contributions from geomorphology, physical geography, ecology of permafrost areas, soils, microclimate, hydrology, geophysics and remote sensing are expect ed. The session aims to contribute to questions from the SCAR Horizon Scan and ICARP III report emphasizing the significance of fast  changing terrestrial environments.


Permafrost, Geomorphology, Physical Processes, Permafrost Ecosystems, Weathering.

Lead Convener:

Mauro Guglielmin

Email: [hidden email]

Affiliation lead-convener: Insubria University


Co-convener 1:

Kate Swanger

Email: [hidden email]

Affiliation: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Co-convener 2:

Wayne Pollard

Email: [hidden email]

Affiliation: McGill University

Co-convener 3:

Tanya O'Neill

Email: tanya.o'[hidden email]

Affiliation: Waikato University



Feel free to contact any of the above with questions about our session.


Full program details, deadlines, etc. may be found at

Direct link for abstract submission:


Best regards on behalf of the convenor team,

Mauro Guglielmin

Prof. Ph.D. Mauro Guglielmin
Full Professor of Physical Geography and Geomorphology
Department of Theoretical and Applied Science, Insubria University
Via J.H. Dunant, 21100,
Varese Italy
Phone + 39 0332 421412
Fax +39 0332 421330
Cell. + 39 3488040759

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