Science Plan for Arctic System Modeling 2010-2020

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Science Plan for Arctic System Modeling 2010-2020

Andrew Roberts

Dear CryoList Members:

We would like to announce the publication of a science plan developed by the arctic research community for Arctic System Modeling, now available online at:

This report for the National Science Foundation is the culmination of three science workshops and extensive community review.  We wish to thank more than 160 members of the international arctic science community who have contributed to this plan through Arctic System Modeling workshops (Alaska 2007; Colorado 2008; Quebec 2009), submissions and responses to conference presentations on the concept of a community Arctic System Model (Rossby Center 2008; AGU Fall 2008; AMS Polar Science 2009; State of the Arctic 2010). We are particularly indebted to our co-authors and reviewers for escorting the final plan to publication.

The Arctic is experiencing changes never before seen in historic times and the time is now right for accelerated efforts in Arctic System Modeling to achieve a comprehensive understanding of physical, biogeochemical, ecological and societal interactions in the high north.  

We look forward to the decade ahead,

Andrew Roberts, Larry Hinzman and John E. Walsh
International Arctic Research Center & Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
+1 907 474 2447 | [hidden email]

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