Science, music and the cultural arts: SCAR OSC Portland 2012

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Science, music and the cultural arts: SCAR OSC Portland 2012

Cooper, Alan
Announcement to all Antarctic researchers:

A unique series of music and cultural arts events will be held in conjunction with the next Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Open Science Conference in July 2012 in Portland,  Oregon. The events will highlight the creative talents of Antarctic scientists who use music, film, art, photography in relaying their research results and science messages to the general public (and to others in the science community).  If you would like more information and learn how you might participate in the events, please see the initial announcement letter at:

I hope you will consider participating.

Alan Cooper

Alan K. Cooper 
Emeritus Scientist                        Consulting Professor       
U.S. Geological Survey, MS 999    Department of Geological and            
345 Middlefield Road                       and Environmental Sciences   
Menlo Park, CA 94025  USA         Stanford University           
Phone: 1-650-329-5157                 Stanford, CA 94305  USA         
Fax:  1-650-329-5190 or 5299      E-mail: [hidden email] (home)  
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