Scientific Leader of National Centre for Climate Research

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Scientific Leader of National Centre for Climate Research

Kristine Skovgaard Madsen

Dear All,


I’m happy to announce that the Danish Meteorological Institute has a new open high level position as Scientific Leader of National Centre for Climate Research.


National Centre for Climate Research (NCKF) is a newly created center with the purpose to conduct critical climate research for the Kingdom of Denmark and bring together climate knowledge, to form the basis for green transition and climate adaptation. NCKF focuses on observed and future climate change of the physical climate system, with focus on the Arctic and on water (precipitation, sea level) and extreme weather around Denmark. As Scientific Leader of NCKF, you play a central role in building up NCKF and bridging climate research and society in the Kingdom of Denmark. Your mandate is to be front person of NCKF, to ensure that NCKF is knowledge hub for climate research in Denmark, and to set the scientific direction. We expect you to split your time evenly between scientific leading and representing NCKF, and your own applied research at highest international level with direct relevance for NCKF, possibly affiliated with a university.


Please see the full announcement on LinkedIn:

and note the application deadline on January 8, 2021.


Best regards,

   Kristine S. Madsen


Kristine S. Madsen

PhD, Head of Research

Danish Meteorological Institute

[hidden email]

Lyngbyvej 100, 2100 Copenhagen OE, Denmark

Phone +45 39157251 (direct) / +45 39157500 (reception)


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