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Scientific Relevancy in Web Search

Annie Burgess

Dear Cryolist Colleagues,


We’d like to enlist your help to make it easier for you to search for relevant scientific data on the web.  With so many data portals and repositories available, it is often difficult to find the data we need.  To make this process easier, we are in need of example queries that you might use to search for data that is important to you.


These queries will be used for the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC) - the foremost conference driving innovation in web search. TREC “envisions a new paradigm, where one can quickly and thoroughly search and organize a subset of the Internet relevant to one's interests.”  

Every year, TREC solicits novel search topics with which to test and improve their latest and greatest ranking algorithms, i.e. how relevant are the web links retrieved when a user submits a search query.  This year, our group at USC has proposed the inclusion of a “Polar” search domain.  As such, we have submitted a dataset with the contents of  >30,000 files from the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) and the Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS) for TREC to search.  Along with this dataset, TREC requires us to submit a list of relevant search queries to evaluate their ranking algorithms against, for example: Are polar bear populations declining?  


So, we are soliciting a broad range of Polar scientific queries that YOU, the cryo-community, find relevant.  Please consider submitting a simple query to this Google Doc. We particularly encourage those of you who have datasets hosted on either ACADIS or AMD to participate!


Many thanks,


Annie B. Burgess and Chris Mattmann


Ann Bryant Burgess, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California
Viterbi School of Engineering                        
Los Angeles, CA

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