Scientific Research in Polar Seas: ERICON Science Perspective 2015-2030, released

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Scientific Research in Polar Seas: ERICON Science Perspective 2015-2030, released

Veronica Willmott

Dear Cryolist Members,


We would like to announce the publication of a Science Perspective developed by the international polar research community within The European Research Icebreaker Consortium (ERICON) Aurora Borealis project. The document “Scientific Research in Polar Seas: ERICON Science Perspective 2015-2030” is  based on the deliberations of  two scientific panels within two workshops (Strasburg 2010 and Vienna 2011). We are particularly indebted to our co-authors and reviewers for conveying the final plan to publication.


The philosophy of this Science Perspective of the ERICON project is to explicitly acknowledge the importance of carrying out research in the Central Arctic Ocean and Antarctic ice-infested waters throughout the entire year. Understanding the past and future changes of the polar regions is essential, as our present knowledge about these changes and their impacts on humans and natural resources is far smaller than in any other regions of the world. The Science Perspective is not intended to cover in detail all the research that can be carried out in polar regions, but to identify the outstanding scientific questions most relevant for understanding the processes underlying changes currently taking place. Many of these questions can only be identified and addressed through novel technology.

This Science Perspective will provide a basis for future scientific investigations of polar regions and define a ”decadal” strategy for European cooperation in Polar Science.


You can download the Science Perspective and additional project deliverables under:


With kind regards,


Veronica Willmott, Coordinating Author


The ERICON-AB project was supported by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 (Contract ERAC 211796).


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