Sea Ice Field Course May 2013 Barrow, Alaska

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Sea Ice Field Course May 2013 Barrow, Alaska

Hajo Eicken
Course Title: Field techniques in interdisciplinary sea-ice research
GEOS/MSL 695 (2 CR)

Duration and location: 8-18 May 2013 at UIC-NARL in Barrow, Alaska

Audience: Open to graduate students in earth, environmental, marine and biological sciences and engineering

Course fee & tuition: Participation in the course will require a course fee of $400 in addition to costs for 2 full UAF credits ($383 per credit). The course fee and tuition cover all the logistics expenses while in the field, accommodation and a substantial portion of the food consumed while in Barrow. Students are responsible for travel to and from Barrow. There may be an opportunity to apply for supplemental travel support (if interested, please contact one of the instructors).

Hajo Eicken, [hidden email], 907-474-7280, WRRB 104E, Fr 9-noon
Rolf Gradinger, [hidden email], 907-474-7407, O Neill 252, We 1-2pm
Eric Collins, [hidden email]

Registration: Prior to registration at the UAF summer sessions website (, students are asked to send their CV and a 1-page statement indicating how this field course will fit into their research and career plans to [hidden email]. The instructors will evaluate these documents to decide about participation if the course is oversubscribed. Deadline for submission of these documents is Friday, March 15, 2013. Students will then be notified by April 1 at the latest about their inclusion in the course.

Brief course description and rationale:
        This is a course for graduate-level students that offers a practical introduction to the principal field techniques employed in sea-ice studies of an interdisciplinary (geophysical-biogeochemical) nature. The course focuses on sea ice as an instructive example of the close intertwining between ocean, ice and biosphere processes in the polar regions and the transdisciplinary importance of the ice cover in the climate system.
        The course is organized in such a way as to encourage interdisciplinary approaches to the problems posed, addressing in particular the themes of temporal and spatial variability of geophysical and biogeochemical variables at different scales. An effort will be made to entrain students from Ilisagvik College in the course activities and include a Native Alaskan ice-knowledge component.

Course website:
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