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Sea-ice scientist 2 (3) years

Jan Ove Mortensen

Sea-ice scientist 2 (3) years


The Norwegian Polar Institute seek a scientist for projects “Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society” (ACCESS) ( and ”An Integrated Earth System Approach to Explore Natural Variability and Climate Sensitivity” (EarthClim). ACCESS is financed in response to the first call “Ocean for Tomorrow” of the EU 7th Framework Programme Research and Development, while EarthClim is part of the NORKLIMA programme at the Norwegian Research Council. Funding for the third year is pending financing from the Norwegian Research Council.



Work Content

The successful applicant will study sea ice physics especially related to melt ponds and their relation to atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction based on field observations and remotely sensed data in research projects ACCESS and EarthClim. The work will be focusing on physical processes and radiation transfer in ponded sea ice and the use of remotely sensed data for areal extent of melt ponds on sea ice and their seasonal evolution on multi-year versus first-year sea ice. The new data sets will highlight aspects of the surface albedo and transmittance of solar radiation of melt ponds, and should help in improving the description of melt ponds in climate models. The gathered data sets will comprise field observations and remote sensed data. Close collaboration with our project partners in Norway and Europe, especially the modelling community, and oceanographers and glaciologists at the NPI is expected. The candidate will be involved in field observations on Arctic sea ice, and in the processing, analyzing and publishing of the scientific data, as well communication of the results to the project partners, reporting to funding agencies, and the wider public.



The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. (or be about to complete it) or equivalent experience with a background in one of the themes Geophysics, Meteorology, Remote Sensing or Oceanography. Knowledge of processing of field data is required, as the candidate will work with heterogeneous data sets. Experience in field work will be important. Knowledge of field instrumentation and equipment especially related to physical properties of snow and ice is required, and general knowledge on physical properties of snow and sea ice is an asset. We are seeking a candidate who is a team worker yet can conduct independent research, and has experience in publishing in international scientific journals. The candidate must be willing to participate in fieldwork in the Arctic.



The salary will commensurate with the qualifications of the successful candidate, according to the Norwegian State salary code 1108 or 1109. The work place is the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, Norway. The position is open, and the successful candidate should be able to start as soon as possible.

The town of Tromsø is surrounded by sea and mountains. It is a youthful, vibrant, and growing town with a Norwegian accredited university (see and, respectively).Tromsø International School for children ages 3-19 has started in 2011.


The Norwegian State Administration strives to mirror the diversity of its population and thereby achieve a balanced mix of age, gender and ethnic backgrounds among its employees. Hence, candidates with immigrant backgrounds and women are encouraged to apply for the position.


Further inquiries about the position may be directed to Sebastian Gerland (e-mail: gerland@..., phone: +47 77 75 05 54), to Mats Granskog (e-mail: granskog@..., phone: +47 77 75 05 58), or to Nalan Koc (e-mail: Nalan.koc@..., phone: +47 77 75 06 54).


The application deadline is 15 May 2011.


The application should include a CV, names of at least two references, a list of publications and details of your relevant qualifications and experience. The NPI prefers electronic applications, submitted at      




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