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Sediment Appeal

Mark S Allan
Good Afternoon Cryolisters,

With the vast amount of fieldwork experience amongst the subscribers of this list, I would like to appeal for any 'leftover' glacigenic sediment you may have from your own work. 

My MSc dissertation is an assessment of micro-morphological features of glacigenic sediment, and as I'm sure you can appreciate the time-scale of seven months, is not enough to conduct much fieldwork. I plan on sampling near Svalbard during the summer, but ideally examining a wider array of sediments, would produced more viable results. 

The aim of this dissertation is to assess effects of transport mechanisms upon micro-features (surface, shape, size, form, roundness, texture) through abrasional processes and identify major differences between environmental scenarios.

I would like to ask if you have any 'leftover' sediment samples from your own experiences, fieldwork, and research, that would be useful in this study and furthering the applicability of the results. I am ideally looking for the following sample-types:

- Downstream Sediment
- Glacial Till
- Basal Ice Sediment
- Thrust System Sediment
- (Ring Shear Sediment)
- Pulse Episodes (Jokulhlaup & Outburst Events) Sediment

- Any other glacigenic sediment samples.

If you believe you have any samples that would be of use to this study then please contact me at the e-mail below. I appreciate any contribution, and thank you all in advance. 

Kind Regards,
Mark Allan
Polar & Alpine Change MSc

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