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Seeking Science Field Technician Employment: Nita Smith

Nita Smith

Nita Smith: Science Field Technician ([hidden email] + 64 2 4096700)


I am seeking science field technician employment for projects undertaking remote or mountainous research related to Glaciology or Climate Change. I am also interested in employment related to field camp logistics and management.


I am currently employed by the New Zealand Antarctic Programme as the Science Technician at Scott Base (2nd season). I have extensive experience in working and recreating in remote and mountainous areas, am dynamic, have an easy going nature and work well both independently and in a team environment.


Below is an abridged summary of skills and experiences that I believe are useful and relevant for mountainous field work.


I have a Master of Science degree in Glaciology (2007) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a Bachelor of Science in Geology.


My position at Scott Base is to run and maintain all long term science instruments and weather stations, as well as supporting various science events in the field.

Remote Antarctic field events that I have supported include:

  • Glaciology of the Ross Ice Shelf – GPR surveying of ice sheet structure and high precision GPS surveying of velocity stake network.
  • Glacial geomorphology rock sampling for Cosmogenic Dating in Transantarctic Mountains
  • Water chemistry and microbiology sampling at Britina Island
  • Weather station installation in a microclimate mesh network, Ross Ice Shelf
  • Geomagnetic observations in the Transantarctic Mountains
  • Temperature/Humidity data collection within the historic huts for conservation measures.


Prior to this position, I was running the hydrology flood warning network on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand, and undertaking long term water quality monitoring. In this role, I have been involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of mountain weather stations and maintaining the telemetry of the network. My role also involved working with emergency services, and liaising with various agencies to process and provide hydrological data.


I have spent a number of summer seasons guiding in New Zealand, including 2 seasons trek guiding on the Milford Track, and a season Glacier Guiding on the Franz Josef Glacier.


Amongst other travel, I have spent 2 months trekking in Nepal, and 4 months cycling through Sri Lanka and Ladark (NW India).


Please email me for a complete CV, or give me a call if you have possible employment available.

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