Senior Postdoc Opportunity in Ice Sheet Altimetry

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Senior Postdoc Opportunity in Ice Sheet Altimetry

McMillan, Mal

Dear Cryolist,


The UK Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling (CPOM) invites applications for a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Satellite Altimetry at Lancaster University.


The position will focus on the development of ice sheet altimetry processing chains, and the analysis and glaciological interpretation of these datasets, with a view to better understanding the impact of climate change upon Earth’s Ice Sheets. You will have the opportunity to work with data from the latest satellite missions, including CryoSat-2, ICESat-2 and Sentinel-3, and to make an active contribution to several major European Space Agency (ESA) projects.


The glaciology group at Lancaster is a rapidly growing team of academics, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students; and we offer an ambitious, inclusive and supportive environment in which to develop your career. Our group specialises in the use of satellite observations and climate models to study Earth’s ice sheets, and the application of geophysical and data science techniques to gain new insight into the polar regions. At a national level, you will have the exciting opportunity to play a key role in the development of CPOM’s land ice altimetry activities. You will also have the opportunity to join CEEDS, a new collaborative community of 150 researchers – hosted at Lancaster – that aims to accelerate the use of Data Science methods within the Environmental Sciences. As such, this position provides an excellent opportunity to develop research networks at both a national and international level.


For further details about the position, please visit:


The closing date for applications is the 24th November, with an anticipated start date in January 2021. We welcome applications from all diversity groups. 


I very much welcome informal enquires.


With best wishes,







Malcolm McMillan

UK Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling     |    Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science

Lancaster Environment Centre

Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YQ

[hidden email]





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