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Sentinel North Excellence Scholarships & Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Sentinel North Excellence Scholarships & Postdoctoral Fellowships Competition 



Université Laval's Sentinel North program announces the opening of the Sentinel North excellence scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships competition, from September 1 to October 10, 2020.  


These scholarships and fellowships aim to encourage the best candidates to undertake or pursue research activities within the Sentinel North research program in a transdisciplinary environment.  


·         Master's scholarships : $17,500 / year*, for 2 years 

·         Ph.D. scholarships : $21,000 / year*, for 3 years 

·         Postdoctoral fellowships : $40,000 / year*, for 2 years (gross salary) 


* Canadian dollars


Candidates who stand out by the excellence of their academic record and the innovative and multidisciplinary potential of their research project are invited to submit their application. 


Deadline to apply: October 10, 2020 


Find out more about the eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria for the competition: 



Contact :


Marie-France Gévry

Training programs coordinator

[hidden email]


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