Session C19: Measuring and interpreting glacier surface velocities, AGU Fall Meeting

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Session C19: Measuring and interpreting glacier surface velocities, AGU Fall Meeting

Timothy Bartholomaus
Dear Cryolist,

We would like to draw your attention to the following session on the measurement and interpretation of glacier surface velocities at this year's AGU fall meeting.

C19: Measuring and Interpreting Glacier Surface Velocities
Knowledge of glacier and ice sheet surface velocities plays a key role in our expanding understanding of the cryosphere's responses to climate and ocean forcing. From yielding estimates of ice flux to constraining flow models, present velocities serve as a starting point for predictions of eustatic sea level rise. Knowledge of glacier velocities is also essential for estimates of glacier erosion.  Satellite imagery offers great potential for the extraction of new velocity fields. Other methods include, but are not limited to, roving GPS, aerial photogrammetry, time-lapse cameras, LiDAR and SAR Interferometry. For this session, we particularly encourage abstracts that use glacier velocity data to further our understanding of glacier dynamics, demonstrate methods to increase temporal and spatial resolution of glacier and ice sheet velocities, and offer sanity check comparisons between multiple methods.

Please consider submitting an abstract.


Yushin Ahn
Byrd Polar Research Center
The Ohio State University

Timothy Bartholomaus
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Tad Pfeffer
University of Colorado

Ethan Welty
University of Colorado
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