Session Series "Glacial Mass Balance: Approaches and Problems" at IGC 2020, New Delhi

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Session Series "Glacial Mass Balance: Approaches and Problems" at IGC 2020, New Delhi

Tobias Bolch-2
Dear colleagues,

We want to draw your attention to five interesting sessions on Theme 9 entitled “Glacial Mass Balance: Approaches and Problems” which will be held at the 36th International Geological Congress, 2-8 March 2020 in New Dehli, India. Please note that abstract submission is FREE until 15 Sep 2019 (i.e. until only few days from now), but submissions are possible until 15 Oct 2019 (which will have a fee of USD 20 starting from 16th Sept).

There will be the following five different sessions:

9.1 Glacier Mass Balance and Dynamics (Chairs: S.P. Shukla, D.P. Dobhal)

9.2 Glacial Hydrology and Sediment Transfer (Chair: Al Ramanathan)

9.3 Impact of Climate Change on Glacier Health (Chairs: Kireet Kumar, Shakil A. Romshoo)

9.4 Remote Sensing of Cryosphere (Chairs: Anil Kulkarni, Tobias Bolch)

9.5 Glacier Mass Balance Modelling (Chairs: Ramachandran Shankar, H.C. Nainwal)

You will find more detailed information about the sessions here:


See many of you in New Delhi next year,

Tobias Bolch and D. P. Dobhal
Dr. Tobias Bolch
Geography & Sustainable Development
Irvine Building, University of St Andrews
North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9AL
Fife, Scotland, UK
Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 4024
Email: [hidden email]

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