Session announcement: SCAR OSC 2010 - Modern and paleotopographic/bathymetric reconstructions

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Session announcement: SCAR OSC 2010 - Modern and paleotopographic/bathymetric reconstructions

Stewart Jamieson
  CRYOLIST Mailing
Dear colleagues,


This is to inform you of a session the upcoming SCAR Open Science
Conference in Buenos Aires on 3-6 August, 2010. Please note the abstract
submission deadline is 15th April 2010.


We encourage your attendance at, and contribution to, the session
entitled: "Modern and paleotopographic/bathymetric reconstructions:
Antarctic paleoenvironments."


Palaeotopographic reconstruction is the quantification of the elevations
and physiography of the landscape during the past. With a view to
reconstructing Antarctic palaeotopographies for a range of time periods,
the aim of this session is to understand, quantify and discuss the
long-term evolution of the continental topography and its surrounding
sea floor. This is important for, amongst other things, calculating past
ice volumes, testing hypotheses of ice in a greenhouse world, and for
investigating climate sensitivity to a range of processes. We invite
submissions on a range of topics that focus on generating or using
palaeotopographic reconstructions of Antarctica and anticipate
contributions from hard and soft rock disciplines, modelling and

It is hoped that contributions will contribute to ongoing efforts to
reconstruct Antarctic palaeotopographies for key time periods


Information about registration, abstract submission, and information
about the meeting as a whole is online at:


Details regarding applying for funding from SCAR to support travel costs
are available on the SCAR website (deadline 1700 GMT on 15th April): and preference is
given to early career scientists.


We look forward to your contributions and would welcome any enquiries
about this session or about ANTscape.


Peter Barrett ([hidden email]) and Stewart Jamieson
([hidden email])




Dr Stewart Jamieson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Geography, Durham University,

Science Laboratories, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE, UK

Tel: 0191 334 1829    Fax: 0191 334 1801

Email: [hidden email]



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