Session on Hydro(mythology) - what do we know & what do we just believe?

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Session on Hydro(mythology) - what do we know & what do we just believe?

Kristian Förster
Dear Cryo-listers,

we would kindly like to invite you to submit an abstract to a new EGU PICO session on a very exciting topic (especially with respect to snowmelt ;-) ):

"Hydro(mythology) - what do we know & what do we just believe“ (HS1.12)

According to Pomeroy et al. (2013), the undaunted belief in and adherence to older, established concepts against scientific evidence is what has been termed „hydromythology“. This new session on hydromythology invites contributions that address one of the following topics:
(I) Studies challenging well-accepted theories with data
(II) Modelling studies including a critical assessment of calibration vs. evidence
(III) Studies showing how added empirical evidence changed the process understanding and helped to revise model structures & parameterisations
(IV) Studies addressing scaling of processes in models

The full abstract is available here:

Best regards,

Ina Pohle
Kristian Förster

Kristian Förster
Juniorprofessor für Urbane Hydrologie

Institut für Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft
Leibniz Universität Hannover
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Tel.: +49 511 762-2498 / Fax: 3731
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