Session on glacial geology at ISAES XI

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Session on glacial geology at ISAES XI

Cliff Atkins
Dear colleagues,

The registration and abstract deadline for the International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES XI), Edinburgh, July 10th to 16th, this approaching fast (March 31st). We wish to draw your attention to a session on glacial geology and encourage you to submit an abstract to this session.

12. Glacial geology: processes and products, with particular emphasis on cold-based glaciers.
(Conveners: Cliff Atkins and Warren Dickinson, Victoria University of Wellington)
(Keynote Speakers: Sean Fitzsimons, University of Otago, Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University)
The purpose of the glacial geology session is to review recent advances that have been made in the study of glacial geological processes and the developments associated with reconstructions of glacial environments from sedimentary archives. We particularly welcome reflective contributions that examine how studies of glacial geological processes can be used to interrogate sedimentary archives and/or studies of glacial sedimentary archives that identify sedimentary and structural data required for accurate reconstructions of glacial environments. The session will encompass processes and products of glacial erosion, subglacial processes the formation and deformation of basal ice, processes of sediment transfer through glaciers, processes of deposition including the formation of moraines, terrestrial and marine depositional environments and the influence of glacier thermal regime on depositional processes and sedimentary products.
Additional attention will be paid to recent advances in understanding cold-based glacier processes and how they interact with polar landscapes. Contributions are sought on processes operating at the margins of modern cold based glaciers, geomorphological observations of surfaces previously covered by cold ice and implications for interpreting cosmogenic exposure histories where multiple burial by cold ice is probable. It is likely to also include contributions on interpretation of cold-based glacier landforms on Mars.


Cliff Atkins, Warren Dickinson and Sean Fitzsimons.
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