Short Film Release - "Celebrate Antarctica"

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Short Film Release - "Celebrate Antarctica"

Sarah Crowley
**Short Film Release - "Celebrate Antarctica"**

Polar Educators International announces the release of their short film (~5min) showcasing the importance of the Antarctica Treaty signed on 1 December 1959. This film is for education and inspiration for those invested in peaceful collaborations at the poles. For classrooms the film offers Antarctica-based activities for students. You can also access a set of posters to accompany the film, illustrating more information about the Articles within the Antarctic Treaty. The film, posters, and other resources are available at - Antarctica Day 2012. The film can be shared through the Polar Educators International YouTube channel:

Polar Educators International is a global professional network for those who educate in, for, and about the polar regions. For more information please contact [hidden email]. Happy Antarctica Day!

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