Short Notice - Scientist Position Available with US Navy

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Short Notice - Scientist Position Available with US Navy

Goda, Theodore E CIV UWDC DET ASL, -

Dear Cryolist Members,


The US Navy has a position available at its Arctic Submarine Laboratory for a Scientist or Engineer with Arctic knowledge and experience.


Position Particulars

·         Title: Senior Scientist or Engineer (depending upon selection)

·         Field: Physical Scientists and Engineers (with Arctic expertise/experience)

·         Name of Organization: Undersea Warfighting Development Center Detachment Arctic Submarine Laboratory (U.S. Navy)

·         Affiliated Research Project or Program: Ice Exercise (ICEX)

·         Location: San Diego, CA

·         Type: Permanent

·         Deadline for Application: 4-8 November 2019

·         Position Start Date: Flexible (immediate fill preferred)

·         Position open to both non-U.S. and U.S. applicants: Open to U.S. Citizens

Position Details

Abbreviated Position Description:

Serves as the command's technical expert on Artic matters enabling drifting ice camps to safely and effectively operate in the Arctic environment. Leads ice floe characterization, mechanics and dynamics research in an operational setting from drifting ice flow in the Arctic. Provides technical guidance to visiting researchers participating at the ice camps. Utilizes Arctic knowledge (environment, climate, meteorological conditions, ice mechanics and dynamics, designing or modifying equipment for extreme cold conditions, etc.) and field experience (i.e. conducted research or operations on the sea ice) to support the Ice Exercise (ICEX) program and its drifting ice camps.


Application Procedure and Related Deadlines:

This is a government position (GS-13) and applicants must apply through USAJOBS. The government may pay expenses associated with relocation to San Diego, CA.


Application Website/URL:


To learn more about Arctic Submarine Laboratory:





Theo Goda

Ice Exercise (ICEX) Program Manager

Undersea Warfighting Development Center Arctic Submarine Laboratory

53370 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, Bldg. 370 San Diego, CA 92152

[hidden email]

(619) 553-7446


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