Slight change of dates for the IGS symposium in 2014

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Slight change of dates for the IGS symposium in 2014

Magnus Magnusson

Dear Cryolist members


I would like to let you know that we have moved the dates for the IGS Edmonton 'Symposium on the Changing Arctic Cryosphere' one week forward.

Please visit


We did this so as to have access to cheap student 'Hall of Residence' accommodation. The University wanted to use the accommodation in case some students returned 'early'. The term does not start until a week after our symposium closes.


I hope this does not inconvenience you too much, as I said this gives us access to cheap accommodation on campus.


All the best




Magnús Már Magnússon

Secretary General

International Glaciological Society

Scott Polar Research Institute

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United Kingdom

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