Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer model training workshop

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Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer model training workshop

Ghislain Picard-3

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the first Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer (SMRT) model training workshop, which will take place from 8th-11th February 2018 at the Col du Lautaret, "Station Alpine Joseph Fourier", France.  SMRT is a new active/passive microwave model developed  in the framework of an ESA project to 1) explore the role of snow microstructure and 2) to unify and inter-compare ingredients from existing model/theories (MEMLS, DMRT-QMS, HUT, ...). The aim of this workshop is to provide a general introduction to snow microwave modelling, and discuss recent model developments facilitated by improved snow microstructure measurement techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to use the SMRT model and compare different modelling approaches (e.g. IBA, DMRT, ...). In particular, lectures, practicals and discussions will cover:

General topics:
- Snow microstructure and its impact on microwave scattering
- Different electromagnetic theories to compute scattering from random media
- Methods to solve the radiative transfer equation

SMRT specific topics:
- Modular approach to SMRT to allow easy model intercomparisons (DMRT, MEMLS, HUT, ...)
- How you can extend SMRT and contribute to build the next generation microwave community model
- Applications of SMRT

Support will be offered to help participants use SMRT for their own research, so the number of workshop places will be limited.

We would like to welcome those of all career and expertise levels. Attendance at the workshop will be free, food and basic accommodation is likely to be provided (funding to be confirmed), but participants will need to fund their own travel to Grenoble (shuttle will be organized from Grenoble to Lautaret pass, 1h30 travel time). Please email Ghislain Picard ([hidden email]) or Melody Sandells ([hidden email]) by 27th October if you have any questions or to register your interest and we will contact you with further information.

This training will happen at the same place and immediately before the 4th Snow Science Winter School to facilitate attendance to both events (independent registration is required for both).

With best wishes,
Ghislain Picard, Mel Sandells, Henning Löwe

Contact for SSWS: Marie Dumont and Martin Schneebeli ([hidden email])

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