Snow Permittivity Measurements

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Snow Permittivity Measurements

Daniel Binder
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Dear Cryolisters !


We will conduct snowpack investigations on two temperate glaciers in Austria
(Goldbergkees, Kleinfleisskees). The aim of the investigations is to compare
GPR derived permittivities (CMP-measurements) with in situ snow pit
permittivity measurements and further to correlate permittivities with snow
density. My questions concern the in situ snow pit measurements.

In the past we already could gain some experience with the Denothmeter, but
now we are planning to buy a new system. The new system should deliver
permittivities (real & imaginary), temperature and water content and should
be feasible for harsh conditions (power supply, size, weight,...). While
searching for a well suited system I found the Hydra Probe Sensor
(, which left a good impression.

Now my questions:


What are your preferred systems for those kind of measurements ?

Could you already gain some experience with the Hydra Probe sensor ?

Did you used the analog or digital version (Hydra Probe 2) ?

If you used the digital sensor (Hydra Probe 2 ), how you managed the power
supply and the storage of the record output?

Is there a  feasible way to connect the Hydra Probe 2 directly to a laptop,
to use the laptop for power supply and data storage?


As you see there are many open questions, so would be great, if there is
somebody out there in the Cryolist-universe to maybe answer some of them ;)


Thank you,

Greetings from a sunny Vienna




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Mag. Daniel Binder

Fachabteilung Klimafolgen/ Section Climate Change Impacts

Bereich Daten, Methode, Modelle/ Division Data, Methods, Modeling

Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)

Austria, 1190 Wien, Hohe Warte 38


Tel.: +43 1 36 026 - 2225

e-mail: [hidden email]

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