Solicitations for front cover illustrations for IGS journals

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Solicitations for front cover illustrations for IGS journals

Magnus Magnusson

Dear Cryolist members


Please bear in mind that suggestions for illustrations for the front covers of Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology are always welcome. Most of our covers show photographs with strong visual appeal, but we have also seen photomicrographs, satellite imagery in various spectral bands, and other striking subjects. For example the latest issue 235 of the Journal (October 2016; ) shows a map of changes of glacier surface temperature across the Queen Elizabeth Islands of Arctic Canada. Issues 176–179 (2006) carry Mark Meier’s painting Icy shore. And issue 8 of the Annals (Glacier Mapping and Surveying, 1985) shows a map of Iceland published in 1590.


If you have an illustration that you think would be suitable for a front cover, you can suggest it when you submit a manuscript containing the illustration. If you have an illustration not directly tied to a published paper, it will be just as welcome, although you should hold the copyright and be willing to licence it to IGS; simply send it to Craig Baxter ([hidden email]) with a copy to Magnús Magnússon ([hidden email]). A draft caption, describing the illustration and giving appropriate credits, should be provided. Captions appear on the back cover.


The space for IGS cover illustrations has an aspect ratio, width to height, of about 3 to 4. We will consider any image or collage that can be fitted satisfactorily within these dimensions.


With regards,

Craig Baxter and the Associate Chief Editors (Ian Allison, Perry Bartelt, J. Graham Cogley, Sérgio H. Faria, Helen Fricker, Hester Jiskoot, Frank Pattyn).



Magnús Már Magnússon

Secretary General

International Glaciological Society

High Cross

Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0ET

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 355 974

Fax: +44 (0)1223 354 931

E-Mail: [hidden email] or [hidden email]




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