SouthCOP 2019, New Zealand final call for session proposals deadline 1 Nov.

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SouthCOP 2019, New Zealand final call for session proposals deadline 1 Nov.

Alexey Lupachev-2
Dear colleagues!
Let us draw your attention to the approaching deadline for session topics submission for SouthCOP!

SouthCOP - The first Southern Hemisphere Regional Conference on Permafrost will be held from 4-14 December 2019 in Queenstown, New Zealand.  The conference will include optional 3 day pre and post conference field trips, that will explore a range of landscapes, geological and glacial features within the Southern Alps.  

This is the final call for suggestions for session topics.  If you have a suggestion for a conference session and/or would like to convene such a session please register your interest before Nov 1 at and/or email [hidden email] or [hidden email] for further information.  

Many thanks,  

Dr Megan Balks (LOC)

Soil and Environmental Scientist, Earthbrooke Views Ltd
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand 
Ph mobile:  +64 21 0258 4628

Dr Alexey Lupachev
Co-chair, Cryosol Working Group (IUSS)
PhD, Senior Researcher, Soil Cryology Lab
Institute of Physical, Chemical and Biological Issues in Soil Science,
Russian Academy of Sciences

Personal website <> 

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