SouthCOP 4-14 December 2019

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SouthCOP 4-14 December 2019

Denis Lacelle

Dear colleagues,

The first Southern Hemisphere Conference on Permafrost (SouthCOP), a regional conference of the IPA, will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand from December 4-14 2019.

We would like to draw your attention to a session, “Ground ice in Antarctica and its role in the environment”, and hope you will consider submitting an abstract. Registration and abstract submission is now open, and will close on April 7, 2019. Please see the conference website for more details (

Session Abstract:

Ground ice is ubiquitous in sediments and soils throughout Antarctica. However, given that the cold, hyperarid climate has existed for nearly 3 million years, the origin of the ground ice is poorly understood and varies depending on location. Four main processes have been advanced to explain the source of water forming ground ice: 1) atmospheric vapour and its diffusion into the ground; 2) surface water and its infiltration into the ground; 3) subsurface brine films; 4) burial of glacier ice, which may result in varying ground ice distribution and content in permafrost. Understanding the factors that lead to the formation of ground ice in different regions is of interest because ground ice drives the development of many landscape features. This session aims to explore all of aspects associated with ground ice in Antarctica, including terrain sensitivity of icy permafrost to future climate change.


Warren Dickinson, Denis Lacelle, Marjolaine Verret

We look forward to seeing you in Queenstown.

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