Special Issue Announcement - ‘Innovative and Synergistic Approaches for Multi-Scale Glacier Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technologies’

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Special Issue Announcement - ‘Innovative and Synergistic Approaches for Multi-Scale Glacier Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technologies’

Ryan Wilson

Dear Colleagues, 


The journal Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292) is running a Special Issue entitled ‘Innovative and Synergistic Approaches for Multi-Scale Glacier Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technologies’ and the Guest Editors (Dr Ryan Wilson, Dr Adina Racoviteanu and Dr Daniel Falaschi) would like to invite you to submit articles for consideration and possible publication. 


Special Issue Information: 


In recent decades, advances in space and air-borne remote sensing technology have led to a massive increase in data available for glacier monitoring. These advances have improved our ability to observe and understand glacier changes at multiple spatial and temporal scales, allowing the scientific community to investigate remote, difficult to access glaciers. However, there are now opportunities to push our understanding of glacier behaviour forward through the development of multi-sensor, web-based data platforms. This can be facilitated by implementing a synergistic approach, which may include innovative glacier mapping techniques, open-source coding and sophisticated geospatial methodologies, among others. With this in mind, we invite research papers that 1) highlight cutting-edge remote sensing and geospatial technologies to monitor high mountain glaciers, 2) address the current gaps, state and remaining challenges faced in using such new technologies and 3) review data challenges, data sharing difficulties and present innovative solutions to overcome them. 


Potential paper topics include, but are not limited to: 


  • Use of innovative, cutting-edge remote sensing technologies, including thermal data and/or newly launched sensors to monitor the current state of glaciers; 


  • Use of web-based interfaces such as Google Earth Engine, big data and open source coding that incorporate multi-sensor data and facilitate automated mapping of glacier boundaries, surface characteristics and their changes over time; 


  • Development of cross-disciplinary approaches that allow for holistic glacier assessments; 

  • Adapting micro-scale image analysis tools routinely used in other fields (e.g. medical imaging, material texture analysis, etc.) for application in larger-scale glacier monitoring; 


  • Synergy between traditional GIS technologies and recent, advanced technologies (g. machine learning, object oriented approaches, etc.); 


  • Fusion of multi-sensor optical remote sensing with microwave data; 


  • Assessments of current uncertainties related to space- and/or air-borne glacier mapping and outlook for future developments. 


We would like to encourage submissions from early-career researchers, particularly those based in countries encompassing the high mountain ranges of the world. 


Submission Deadline: 


This special issue is now open for submission. The deadline for manuscript submissions is 12th May 2021. 


Additional Information: 


For further information, please follow the link to the special issue website shown below: 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr Ryan Wilson ([hidden email]) 


We look forward to hearing from you! 


Kind Regards, 


Ryan, Adina & Daniel 

Dr Ryan Wilson
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
Geography Admissions Tutor
Department of Biological and Geographical Sciences
University of Huddersfield | Queensgate | Huddersfield | HD1 3DH, UK
Tel: +441484 471026
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