Special issue of Remote Sensing on the topic 'Remote Sensing of Glaciers at Global and Regional Scales'

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Special issue of Remote Sensing on the topic 'Remote Sensing of Glaciers at Global and Regional Scales'

Wouters, B. (Bert)
Dear colleagues,

The MDPI journal Remote Sensing recently launched a special issue on
“Remote Sensing of Glaciers at Global and Regional Scales", which is now
open for submission. We would like to invite those of you working in
this field to submit an article to this special issue by 28 February 2019.

This special issue aims to provide a comprehensive overview of recent
and upcoming advances in the application of satellite remote sensing to
monitoring changes in the state of the Earth's mountain glaciers and ice
caps, at regional and global scale. This excludes the main ice sheets of
Antarctica and Greenland, but we do welcome studies focusing on their
peripheral glaciers and ice caps, including the Antarctic Peninsula.

For more information about the Special Issue, and potential topics,
please see:


Last year, a highly interesting special issue with a similar focus was
published, edited by Frank Paul (University of Zurich) and colleagues.
An overview of the papers published in this issue can be found here:


For information on manuscript preparation and related matters, please
see the instructions for authors:


Remote Sensing is an open access journal, with a 2016 impact factor of
3.244 and a 5-Year Impact Factor of 3.749. All submissions will be
subject to a pre-screening and peer review.

If you have any further queries about the Special Issue -- its scope,
review process, article processing charges, etc. -- please do not
hesitate to contact me ([hidden email]).

Kind regards, the guest editors

Bert Wouters (IMAU - Utrecht University)
Alex S. Gardner (JPL)
Stef Lhermitte (Delft University of Technology)
Geir Moholdt (Norwegian Polar Institute)
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