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Special issue on frozen soil - Vadose Zone Journal

Masaki Hayashi

Dear colleagues.


We are organizing a special issue of the Vadose Zone Journal, "Progress in modeling and characterization of frozen soil processes". The special issue will mainly focus on 1) thermo-hydro-mechanical interactions in frozen soils, 2) frost heaving, 3) freezing in unsaturated soils, and 4) field observation of frozen soil. We will welcome contributions on the above and related topics including field studies, laboratory experiments, numerical simulation, and theoretical development. In addition, we plan to have overview paper(s) that review the key studies on frozen soil from the 1960’s (or before) to the present and address the importance of further studies on basic science and engineering in context of the climate variability.


We currently have the following timelines,

1) Call for papers and open submission: November 15, 2011.

2) Deadline for paper submission: March 15, 2012.

3) Review and revisions: July 30, 2012.

4) Publication of special section August 2012.


If you are interested in contributing a paper to the special issue, please let one of us know a tentative title of your manuscript with a brief synopsis. Also, please forward this to your colleagues and students who may have interests in frozen soil processes.


As we approach the submission deadline, VZJ will activate a flag for "frozen soil" special section on its Manuscript Tracker web site.


We are looking forward to working with you on this special issue.


Nobuo Toride ([hidden email])

Kunio Watanabe ([hidden email])

Masaki Hayashi ([hidden email])


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