Special issue "Cryosphere in and around Regional Climate Models"

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Special issue "Cryosphere in and around Regional Climate Models"


Dear colleagues


This is to make you aware of a planned special issue in The Atmosphere on the “Cryosphere in around Regional Climate Models”.


In case you’re interested in the representation of the atmosphere-cryosphere interface in either online/fully coupled or offline applications you might consider to submit your work to this special issue. A range of further applications are welcome as well. You’ll find more detailed information on http://www.mdpi.com/journal/atmosphere/special_issues/cryophere_climate_models


Submission deadline is 15 September 2018.


Feel free to contact me in case of any further questions! Kind regards, Sven



Sven Kotlarski



Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA

Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss


Operation Center 1 | CH-8058 Zurich-Airport

Phone: +41 58 460 93 19 | Mobile: +41 79 718 85 45

[hidden email]



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