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Submit AGU abstracts to Session C001: Advances in Glacier Hydrology

Moustafa, Samiah
Dear all,

We welcome submissions to our session “Advances in Glacial Hydrology” at the AGU Fall Meeting 2019, San Fransisco, CA.  The topic of the session includes all aspects of the glacier hydrologic system.

The focus of the session is on modeling and/or observations of supraglacial, englacial, and/or subglacial water and its effects on ice flow, ice thermodynamics, mass balance, geomorphology, or other aspects of the earth system.

Session Title: Advances in Glacial Hydrology
Session Number: C001

Session Description:
This session explores the role of water on, in, and under glaciers and ice sheets, as well as its impact on ice dynamics, mass balance, and geomorphology. Water is both stored and transported through glaciers by a series of connected supraglacial, englacial, and subglacial features including supraglacial lakes, streams, and saturated snow; englacial crevasses, moulins, and incised channels; and subglacial drainage channels, cavities, saturated till, and frozen sediments. Connections between these components shape the glacial hydrologic system, which transports water from the surface to bed, modulates glacier velocities, redistributes glacier mass, and facilitates glacial erosion. Advances in glacier hydrology, including the variability of these connections in space and time, strengthens our ability to predict how glacial systems will respond under a changing climate. We invite contributions from all aspects of supraglacial, englacial, and subglacial hydrology and particularly welcome studies focusing on interactions between multiple components of the glacier hydrologic system.
Primary Section/Focus Group: Cryosphere
Abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, July 31st.
Thank you,
Kristin Schild (University of Maine)
Samiah Moustafa (Brown University)  
Colin Meyer (Dartmouth University)

Samiah Moustafa, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
Urban Environmental Laboratory Room 209
Phone: 401-863-5324

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